Ep 106: The Magic of Rest

Season #3

In this week's episode, Katie and Jim talk about the magic of REST and how it applies to knitting, crafting, witch crafting, work, and life in general! We talk about related Greek Gods of rest for inspiration, how to break with intention, and how this can help knitters with their mountain of UFOs. Find out a 'UFO' means to a knitter if you don't already!  

We also share an exciting announcement about the future of Knit A Spell and what it means for our followers! Learn about our new format, renewed focus and our Summer Break plans.   

That's right, Knit a Spell is going on Summer Break and returning with a seasonal format in September 2023!   

Luckily, there's 106 AWESOME episodes of Knit A Spell with Katie and Jim and so many amazing guests for you to catch up on and binge watch on YouTube while we're away. Subscribe to the Light From Lantern channel for updates!  

Be sure to keep in touch with us over the summer by signing up for Katie & Jim's newsletters, and follow them on IG: @LightFromLantern and @DivineHandJim. Jim is still offering readings, teaching classes and attending events! Katie is knitting away on new designs, online workshops, and bolstering her Coven of Knitters on Patreon!  

We will have so much to share with you when we return in September! Merry make!

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