Meet Katie Rempe!

Creator of
Light From Lantern

I discovered my passion for knitwear during my time at Kent State School of Fashion Design. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in a variety of settings within the knitwear industry - most recently as Creative Director at skacel collection before deciding to start Light From Lantern. 

Having worked on the retail, wholesale, design, marketing, and manufacturing side of the hand-knitting industry, I offer a fully rounded point of view within my patterns and teaching style.

My magical side used to be something I kept quiet, even though tarot had been one of my problem solving tools since college.

However, once I learned to embrace the many wonderful ways in which magical elements could be incorporated into making and knitting, that's when it all clicked for me and I came out of the 'broom' closet!

I'm excited to share, and continue to grow, the relationship between magic and making through my patterns, my podcast Knit A Spell, and more!

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