Episode 73: Sew Witchy w/ Raechel Henderson

Season #2

This week we welcome Raechel Henderson: author of Sew Witchy: Tools, Techniques & Projects for Sewing Magic to talk all about magical making!

A great moment from this episode includes Raechel de-romanticizing what being 'witchy' looks like and how practical and easy it can be to make anything into a magical tool. If you feel you're beyond the 'newbie' stage, we encourage you to think twice about exploring this jam-packed book full of unique and inspiring correspondences.

Raechel also shares brilliant insight on what reviews mean to authors vs publishers and who and when to listen, vs following your own path. Because how would a gen-z person review Stone Hedge? 1-Star: Broken.

Take a listen to learn all this and SO much more in this inspiring episode for all makers!



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