Sun Tee

pattern sun tee wooly worsted May 20, 2022

Sun Tee has Arrived! 

Dress yourself in the confident of the Sun! The Sun Tee is a wide-neck tee is made in one piece, quick to knit in worsted weight, and features simple slip stitch colorwork to reflect the sun's rays and energy. 

This is my first garment as Light From Lantern and it really exceeded my expectations! It's easy enough to be accessible to all skill levels, yet features a variety of stitches to keep more advance knitters interested. Let your imagination run wild with the color pairing possibilities to make this design suit your preferences!

Questions about sizing? Keep scrolling! I go into detail about sizing at the end.

Need yarn? I have you covered! My partnership with Heather at Ewe Ewe Yarns continues, featuring Wooly Worsted from her 100% Superwash Merino collection, it makes for an easy to care for garment that is so fast to knit. Scroll down for more info and additional color pairing inspiration! 


I used Wooly Worsted for this design and love the bounce, easy washing abilities, and variety of colors it comes in. Plus, the yarn is already in a ready-to-knit skein so there's no need to waste time winding!

Wooly Worsted by Ewe Ewe Yarns
100% Merino Superwash
95 yards (86 meters) / 50 grams
• MC: 6, (6, 7, 7, 8, 9) skeins
• CC: 1 ( 1, 2, 2, 2, 2) skeins
Shown in Forest Fern (MC) & Berry (CC)

(1) US 7 circulars 24” (32”, 32”, 40”, 40”, 48”) long
(2) US 8 circulars 24” (32”, 32”, 40”, 40”, 48”) long
(1) US 8 circular needle 16” long

• Tapestry needle
• Stitch marker
• Waste yarn or stitch holder

16 sts & 24 rows in Rays Stitch, blocked


I personally paired 5 colorways featured below to help get your creative juices flowing. If you come up with a pairing you love, drop me a line and I'll share it on my IG page to inspire others!

Shown below are the following colors of Wooly Worsted:

  • Forest Fern (MC) with Berry (CC) (sample color!)
  • Aquamarine (MC) with Cotton Candy (CC)
  • Iris Blossom (MC) with Lavender (CC)
  • Charcoal (MC) with Citrus Pop (CC)
  • Red Velvet (MC) with Wheat (CC)

I gravitated towards making the MC the darker color with the CC being the lighter/pop color. Explore the options that feel right to you!



A full schematic is available below for all 6 sizes in inches and centimeters. 

Everyone prefers a different fit! So, when choosing a size for this or any garment, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I enjoy wearing tees that are looser, or more fitted?
    A great way to see where your preferences lie is by going into your closet and measuring your favorite knit tee against your Chest measurement.
    Does the tee measure larger than your chest? You enjoy a looser fit, or 'positive ease'.
    Does the tee measure smaller than your chest? You enjoy a more fitted, or 'negative ease'.

  • Am I between sizes? 
    Refer back to the first question to see if you prefer a tee that's looser or more fitted.
    If you prefer a looser fit, cast on the larger size.
    If you prefer more fitted, cast on the smaller size.

  • Will I knit and block a gauge swatch the same way I'd wash and wear the finished Tee? 
    The BEST way to ensure your hard work turns out to be the size you want is to knit a swatch and block/wash it in the same manner you will the finished Tee. We all knit differently! Take time to do this step and you'll not only have a great fitting tee, you'll also have a handy little coaster and save a lot of time/tears in the end.

  • Am I planning to use the recommended yarn, or something else?
    ESPECIALLY if you are substituting yarns which have different fiber content, the gauge process is critical. For example, cotton reacts very differently than wool during the wash and wear process as cotton tends to grow and sag whereas wool is bouncy and keeps its shape. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to CONTACT ME.

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